Heliski - Freeride - Backcountry in Aosta Valley

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Liability Release on the part of the client

I realise that the activities offered, including skiing, snowboarding and travel to, from and within the locations provided by HELISKI LA THUILE (hereinafter known as ELT) inherently involve risks which may result in property damage or loss, serious or fatal injury. I acknowledge that rocks, cliffs, cornices, avalanches, changing snow conditions or mechanical failure are an ever present hazard when heli-skiing. I hereby assume all risks and release all persons, entities or contractors connected with ELT from all liability for any injuries or damages and from any claim by me, my family, estate, agents, heirs or assigns arising in any way from my participation in all, and any activities connected with ELT.

I certify that I am in generally good health and fit to heliski, a sport that may require an above average physical exertion. I have no known condition that would lead me to believe I cannot participate in this sport, such as heart, blood pressure, altitude sensitivity or respiratory problems. I am to my knowledge in general good health, and I am not taking any prescription medication or any drugs, which could present a problem to my participating in this activity.

Photos and videos
I agree to seem on photos or videos to be taken during a heli trip and I authorize "Heliski La Thuile" to operate and use.

Price package "Elibattesimo" and "Traversata del Ruitor"
All the prices are per person if the group is complete (4 people); if the group is not complete the total cost is to divide by the participants. If one of the participants cancels his seat, you can substitute him with another person. If you can’t replace that person, the general conditions will be applied.

Staff flights
Heliski La Thuile reserves the right to place staff with any groups where open seats occur. This does not decrease the price of flights for clients.

Payments and cancellations
Method of payment
- by wire transfer (for fiscal reason, we need the name, surname, address and CODICE FISCALE of the client);
- by Credit Card (for fiscal reason, for each payment over 3.600 Euro, we need the name, surname, address and tax code of the client);
- in cash (not more than 2.999 Euro per person; we need the name and surname of the client).
In order to respond quickly to booking requests and reserve spaces, we require your registration forms – page "booking online". Failure to receive registration forms within a reasonable time frame will result in our releasing any reserved seats.

Cancellation and repatriation also ensures mountain rescue in case of accident in the practice of mountain sports insurance is strongly recommended by EH for all participants.
Without insurance, in case of a rescue person concerned shall bear all costs associated with the rescue, said.